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Episode 1: Harry's Homecoming

Harry, nephew of deceased benefactor, Gladys, finally arrives to take ownership of his inheritance: Buck House. The housemates have been nervously awaiting his arrival, but is Harry what they were expecting? More to the point, are THEY what Harry-- even in his wildest dreams--had bargained for? And if the state of the house wasn't bizarre enough, Harry discovers a few home truths about his dear old aunt that defies belief.

This episode was edited as the opener for the 1998 Mardi Gras Film Festival premiere of Buck House.

Episode 2: Sperm In The Mix

The household receives a covert visit from criminal duo Doreen & Alan in search of cash stashed by Harry's deceased aunt. Harry, meantime, introduces his housemates to the marvels of the internet, whilst a techno-deficient Ted undertakes clandestine self-tuition on the brand new computer. Liz, ever determined to be master of her own destiny, announces that she is going to have a baby, and so the male members of Buck House are instructed to donate sperm to the determined mother-to-be. Ted, in typical muck-up mode, makes other use of the hurriedly provided samples, and it sure ain't nice.

Episode 3: Mardi Gras Madness

It was to be a combined welcoming party for Harry and a pre-Mardi Gras gathering for friends of the 'family', however, trouble is afoot when devious dyke Doreen, and her avaricious accomplice Alan re-appear on the scene. Meantime, Liz, and latest girlfriend Sue, in an effort to kick-start the revelry, 'spice-up' the punch, which has life-changing effects on Harry. The party-goers head off to Mardi Gras leaving Ted to be wooed and screwed, literally. Whilst cleaning up the ensuing mess, Ted discovers a note that 'conveniently' falls from behind aunty Gladys' portrait. Emerging the next day--all a little worse for wear, and with Harry missing in action, last seen in a compromising position in the men's toilets with his maracas in hand--Ted breaks news that leave his housemates mightily distraught.

Episode 4: Psychic Set-up

Ted, confused about the note that fell from behind Gladys' portrait, prompts Ipjana to use her psychic talents to interpret it. Amazingly, Ipjana is actually able to 'see' something (astounding even herself), and, with the help of her celebrity spirit guides - all three of them - she manages to decipher part of a heavily coded message. Having failed, thus far, to find what they've been looking for, a pathetically disguised Doreen and Alan re-appear at a seance Ipjana has consented to host for them. Again, incredibly, Ipjana connects to the 'other side'-- with a little help from Dog & Liz hiding in the wings-- as Doreen, Alan & Ted get much, much more than they bargained for.

Episode 5: 'X' Marks The Spot

Whilst immersed in finding cheat codes for the computer game "Gates of Hell", Harry and Liz discover a secret code within a note left by Aunty Gladys. In the midst of all of this, Dog arrives home with news of a cameo role in a movie with Tom Cruise. Ipjana, meantime, is flustered by further paranormal activity, and the loss of her Diana Ross hairpiece. The shadowy veils of ignorance slowly begin to lift when the note, the hairpiece, and the 'poltergeist' lead to a potentially fortuitous discovery.

Episode 6: A Little Help From My Friends

Dog is frustrated at having no money to pay for an acting course he has set his heart on. A cash-in-the-hand opportunity presents itself and so, under the expert tutelage of Ipjana, Dog begins rehearsals to perfect a male striptease routine. Meantime, Harry brings home a 'hot date' for a bit of R&R. Rather than finishing the evening romantically entwined with his new love, he ends up creating a disgustingly unpleasant mess - with a little help from his friends.

Episode 7: Just A Bit Too Familiar

Liz splits up with her on-again-off-again girlfriend Sue, who takes it very badly; so much so that Sue determines to ruin Liz's reputation by posting defamatory photos of Liz on the Internet. Ted reaches the depths of depravity himself when Maggie, the cross dressing policeman, spends the evening with him and introduces Ted to a whole new side of himself. Meantime, Ipjana gets a surprise visit from a long lost cousin from Sweden, who, like Ipjana, has a lifelong secret that Harry very nearly uncovers.

Episode 8: Boom Or Bust

Harry proves he's not only a talented computer geek but that he also has incredibly developed culinary skills. So impressed are the household, a new business opportunity is proposed and tested. Ted's nervous disposition get's the better of him --as does the herbal medication Ipjana prescribes-- and the tables turn when devious miscreant Smiley McSmee appears on the scene with dramatically dire consequences.


Test Cut of the 1997 Pilot

This episode was originally written and produced as the new pilot for the 1997 series of Buck House (rejigged from our 1995 pilot starring Jude Kuring). This rough cut version was never intended to be seen by the public, but used instead to be viewed by a test audience to assess and give feedback on it.

We present it here as part of the history of the production of Buck House, remembering it is the only surviving VHS dub of what was originally perceived to be Episode 1.

1995 Buck House Pilot Episode 3

This video is the only remaining copy of three pilot episodes produced in 1995 at the Australian Film, Television & Radio School (AFTRS) before a live studio audience.

Starring Jude Kuring of Prisoner (of Cell Block H) fame, it is presented here as part of the history of Buck House, albeit with video and audio glitches in the opening sequence.

The actor playing Liz has since moved on to a high profile public career and, in honour of her recent request for anonymity, we have obscured her image throughout the episode. It wasn't so much she was embarrassed being part of the production, more so appearing nearly naked in skimpy underwear in the opening scenes.